Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

When I saw the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies on Jenna’s Blog last week- I knew I had to make them. They looked and sounded amazing. These cookies took a little more time and patience than what I’m used to- but I went for it. I realized that I could take my time and go for the quality over quantity. Typically when I bake- I like to bake 2-3 things at a time and I’m rushing through it. I followed each step very carefully to make sure that my cookies turned out perfect.

I started with the following ingredients:

Sifted together the flour and baking soda

Cut up 14 tablespoons of butter (yes, 14)

10 of the 14 tablespoons went into a pan over medium heat. This was the part that made me the most nervous! I had to brown the butter without burning it. This is the step that makes the cookies “perfect”

I was really excited to use one of my new pans for the first time! We’ve finally unpacked all of our gifts and organized them.

The recipe said that it would take about 2 minutes to melt the butter… it took longer for me

When all 10 tablespoons of butter were melted, this is when you start swirling the pan. You swirl so you don’t burn. I was told by the recipe that I would just know when the butter was ready. Again, this took longer for me, and made me super nervous…. But finally, after swirling the pan for about 5 minutes, I achieved the dark golden brown color, and the amazing caramel smell.

I pulled the butter off of the heat, poured it over the rest of the butter, and whisked it until all was melted.

Added the white sugar

Dark brown sugar


And salt

Whisked again

Whisked in 1 egg and 1 egg white

Then waited patiently for 3 minutes

Whisked again for 30 seconds- then I repeated this a few times in order to make the mixture thick and shiny.

Added the flour and baking soda and whisked until just combined

Chocolate chips

3 tablespoons of batter were scooped onto the cookie sheet to form each perfect cookie

By the way, the batter smelled AMAZING! Like caramel… yum!

I baked the first batch on parchment paper and the second on a silicone baking pad. It’s interesting because the batch baked on parchment paper turned out much better than the other. It’s strange because I’ve used it before without any problems. They cooked for a shorter amount of time- but still turned out fine.

These turned out to be delicious! I had one tonight… Marc will need to be the official taste tester so he’ll have a couple as well. I’ll have about 13 left after that. Who wants one?!??!

If you guys have any requests, please let me know. I love to bake, but I don’t love to eat everything by myself! I don’t make cakes or cupcakes that often, but would love to. Anything you’re craving that I can whip up for you?



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7 responses to “Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

  1. Marc

    I just tasted 1.5 cookies this morning. .5 was from the “bad” batch and the other from the “good” batch. Must say, the one from the good batch was incredible. These really were the perfect chocolate chip cookies. But beware people, don’t eat if you are dieting!

  2. Tally

    Save one for me!

  3. Those look amazing! I love your pictures-you make everything look so easy to make.

  4. Kim

    YUM! I would like a cookie, please! I can meet you at the Mart. Can I make a special request? I would love you to make banana chocolate chip cupcakes with chocolate frosting!

    • Ok- let me know when you’re coming and I’ll bring one to work with me! I can make you banana chocolate chip muffins- but I’m not so sure how frosting will taste on that.. but I’ll see what I can do!

  5. Helene

    I was fortunate to taste the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie! I’m not sure if mine was from the “good” or “bad” batch, but it was PERFECT! The consistency was great, and it looked totally professional. It is definitely bakery quality. It was amazing!! I will be happy to sample anything you bake. Thanks for sharing! And don’t be afraid to try cupcakes or cakes. I know you’ll do just fine.

  6. Brooke Benfield

    I sampled one of these cookies last night and it was deeelicious! I was craving a few more but unfortunately Sheri only gave me 1 cookie! : )

    I think you should go for the gusto and trying baking a cake, or red velvet cupcakes.. My favorite!

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