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Where I’ve Been Hiding

Hi everyone! Long time no see! It’s been a while… I wanted you guys to know that haven’t given up on my blog and I do have some explaining to do as to why I’ve been gone for so long. Here we go:

1. Discouragement

            I had very high hopes for my little blog. I had hoped that it would reach a bigger audience in a short amount of time. I’ve been trying to figure what can set me apart in the saturated food blog world and I’m still trying to figure it out. What I have learned during this downtime is that I do have a small amount of loyal readers. Nothing has made me happier than realizing that! So thank you to those who have missed me! It has given me the encouragement to get back into baking and blogging. 


2. I’m just really popular!

            Haha… just kidding. I have been super busy these past few months. I have lots of friends getting married and having babies (so exciting!) and I’ve been attending a lot of wedding/baby related events this spring. I think that will all calm down a little for the summer. I see myself having more time to bake and blog.


3. Work

            Not only do I have a full time job- but I’ve been also been put to work in the kitchen! I’ve been doing a lot of baking for a friend’s wedding related events. So for those of you who have asked- yes I’m still baking! Just haven’t had enough time to write about it. So I’m very excited to get back into the kitchen and just bake for fun!


4. This Race

            I’ve always enjoyed running for exercise. For some reason I thought it was a good idea to sign up for a 10 mile race. I thought that it would be so much fun to follow a training schedule and run 4-5 times a week. Um… I thought wrong! To be honest- racing is not for me! I have felt a lot of pressure to get in all of the runs on my schedule. Every Sunday has included a long run- rain or shine (or a lot of cold wind). I have felt like a failure after most of these runs. This is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done and it just wasn’t fun. My run was yesterday morning and my goal was to finish in under 2 hours. I ended up finishing in 1 hour 49 minutes and 12 seconds. I am really proud of myself and glad that I had this experience but to be honest- I’m glad it’s over! And if I ever think about signing up for a race again- please remind me that I do not enjoy training. I’ll still run for exercise and for fun- but I’d rather be burning my hands on a hot oven!


It’s always been a pattern in my life to find a new hobby and to get super excited about it. After about a week- that excitement typically goes away and I move on to the next great idea. I was really hoping that it wasn’t going to happen with the blog- eventually it did, but I’m going to try to get back to the blogging habit. I truly love to bake and to share recipes. I often wake up and wish that I could spend my day in the kitchen making new recipes. Now that I’ll have some free time- I will take more advantage of it.


Thanks for sticking with me!



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