Your Personal Shopper

I am very excited to announce that I have launched a new blog today:

Your Personal Shopper

You can find me at

When I’m not in the kitchen baking, I really love to shop. I don’t think of myself as a fashion expert necessarily but I love to browse apparel, shoes, beauty products and home goods online. And when I’m not online- I’m in the stores. I can find any excuse to shop- even if it’s for someone else. I love to hunt down items for friends and family members and help them find looks that make them look good and feel good. This site will be a collection of some of my favorite items. If there is anything that I can help you track down- a dress for a wedding, a gift for a friend, a new coffee table- please let me know! 


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One response to “Your Personal Shopper

  1. aunt mimi

    My, how industrious of you; I will have to keep you in mind!! Good luck with this new venture!
    xo, Aunt Mimi

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