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Missing Maui

Our last day in Maui started with breakfast at The Gazebo.

We heard that it even though it was going to be a long wait, that the food was worth it.

(This was the line in front of us when we arrived)

We waited for about 45 minutes.

We were hungry!

When we finally sat down, we had a fantastic view from our table

And was the food worth the wait? Yes!

I had savory:

And Marc had sweet:

Yummy omelet and white chocolate chip macadamia nut pancakes.

After relaxing at the beach and the pool for the rest of the day,

we headed to Mala for dinner.

We started with edamame that resembled guacamole.

Cesar salad

I had Ahi Tuna

Marc had fish (I think it was Ono)

And we both enjoyed another beautiful sunset

And finished our evening with more frozen yogurt

Up next…. beautiful Kauai….



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Road to Hana

One of my favorite things that we did in Maui was the road to Hana. There wasn’t any good food to talk about, the real treat was all of the beautiful sights.

Waterfall #1

Our ride…

My favorite stop- watching the waves crash up on these lava boulders was amazing.

Waterfall #577

We were told to try the Maui chips…yum!

Waterfall #852

Black sand beach

Seven sacred pools

After a very long bumpy ride back to the middle of the island, we had one of our favorite meals at Mama’s Fish House.

Not my drink. This is Marc’s : )

Delicious tomato ginger soup.

Bread with what I think was a honey butter.

My fish: Ono

Marc’s fish: Mama’s Stuffed Mahimahi

After dinner we sought out our favorite dessert, frozen yogurt of course! Even better- it was self serve.

More to come…


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Luau in Lehaina

We went to a luau in Lehaina while on Maui. At the luau there were some dishes that were delicious and some that were interesting. Poi was one of the interesting ones! We also enjoyed another beautiful sunset.

(I bought this shirt about 7 years ago in Missouri. I’m glad I still had it hanging in my closet!)

We started with blue sweet potato chips. A delicious start to our meal.

We traveled to four different islands during the luau. We tasted the foods and enjoyed the traditional dances.


I’ve never seen one of these before!

The drinks were fantastic . Mai Tai on the left and a Pina Colada on the right with strawberry and banana mixed in.

We had a great time at the luau!




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Some of the delicious food we ate in Hawaii

Yes, I took photos of all of the food we ate in Hawaii. Everything was fantastic and memorable. Here are a few things that we enjoyed in the beginning of our trip.

Warm nuts with dried pieces of pineapple. Everyone should eat their nuts warm. On the flight to Maui.

The episode of Seinfeld where Jerry enjoyed a hot fudge sundae while sitting in first class always made me wonder if they really serve them up there. Yes, they do. However, the fudge was not on the bottom. I’m going to miss first class.

Our first meal was at Sansei in Kapalua on Maui. Even though we were falling asleep at dinner, we still really enjoyed it. This was Maui style Teriyaki Beef, an Ahi salad, an amazing sushi roll and shrimp that tasted just like bang-bang shrimp from Bone Fish.

We enjoyed many Maui sunsets:

And also watched the sunrise from above the clouds:

Back to the good stuff.

There is a Roy’s just down the street from where we live, but we knew we had to check out the original. Fabulous fish selections.

And a lava cake that was to die for.

After waking up at 2:30 AM, making our way up a volcano, watching the sunrise, and biking down 22 miles, these pancakes at Moana Cafe in Paia on Maui hit the spot.

And the french toast wasn’t too bad either.

Stay tuned… more to come…



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I made bread!

I read food blogs because they give me great cooking and baking ideas. I have eaten and made all kinds of meals and snacks that I never would have come up with without reading my favorite blogs. Today, I was reading Jenna’s Blog, and when I saw her recipe for Roasted Garlic Naan Bread, I was off the couch and in the kitchen pulling out the ingredients before I even finished reading the full recipe.

I’ve been wanting to make bread for quite a while now, and I’ve been very intimidated by every recipe that I’ve come across. This looked like a recipe that I could handle. And as always, Jenna gave great instructions, and tips. I knew I could do it!

I first mixed sugar, yeast and warm water together. Yes, I had yeast in my kitchen cabinet. I knew that one of these days I’d come across a recipe that I’d want to make right away!

Then, put the mixture in the the KitchenAid with half of the flour. Mixed on low for a few minutes:

Added the rest of the flour and salt, and mixed on high.

When the mixture looked like this:

I took it out and put it in a bowl that was lightly oiled.

Then I waited…

And waited…

Went to the grocery store for a head of garlic. Got home, waited more…

Until the dough had doubled in size.

In the meantime,  I also roasted my garlic. One head of garlic. Skin on. In a baking dish with oil.

30 minutes at 400 degrees

I wish you could smell this… I know I’ll be making this more often just to spread on bread. I removed the skin, and combined the garlic with butter.

I took my dough (which was extremely sticky),

split it into 4 pieces, and laid it out on a lined baking sheet in the shape of naan:

Sprinkled it with sea salt, and baked it for 10 minutes at 475 degrees:

Let it cool for 10 minutes. Then spread the roasted garlic/butter combination on top and broiled for 4 minutes.

I had really hoped for brown bubbles on my naan, but not much of that happened. Of course, that worried me.

I really shouldn’t have worried. Because as soon as I had a tasted it… I decided that spending a whole afternoon baking 4 pieces of Garlic Roasted Naan Bread was well worth it.

The naan bread wasn’t a lot of work. It just took a lot of patience.

And even though it didn’t turn out very pretty…

It did taste amazing. And that’s all that matters!

Check out this post for the full recipe. Thanks again, Jenna!!!!





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