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Go Bears!

So it’s been quite a while since I’ve last posted… I’ve been a little busy! Now that I’m a wife, and the wedding is behind us, I can see a lot more baking in my future!

My husband is a big sports fan…especially football. I thought that he’d really like it if I made something that was in the football spirit. Using his two favorite colors, blue and orange, I made cookies and cupcakes to eat during the big game this past weekend.

And please- don’t be confused- this is not Illini blue and orange… this is Bears blue and orange. Being a Missouri Tiger, I cannot support the Illini. Especially because Missouri beat Illinois in football the day before we got married!

I couldn’t get thoseĀ perfect chocolate chip cookies out of my mind, so I made them again. This time I used blue and orange M & M’s instead of chocolate chips.

And of course I ended up with extra M & M’s. I have a few options… maybe yellow and brown Thanksgiving cookies? Red and Green Christmas cookies? That is, only if these leftovers last that long in our apartment….

I also made blue and orange cupcakes! Blue cake with orange frosting and orange cake with blue frosting. Turns out that learning about primary colors and the color wheel in elementary school actually helped me through this process. I had blue food coloring, but had to make the orange. Red + Yellow= Orange!

And the Bears won! Woo-hoo!!!!!!!



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