Recipe Fail

Thursday night was game night at Megan’s house. I was so excited to play our new favorite game- the Mexican Train. It’s a dominoes type game… lots of fun and very competitive (well the players get pretty competitive). I had originally planned to make a blueberry cobbler to bring for dessert. Instead, I decided to find a recipe that would use ingredients that I already had in the kitchen. I searched and came up with

Peanut Butter Bars:

I gathered all of the ingredients:

Added softened butter (should have melted it) to the mix-master bowl

Crushed the graham crackers:

Added the graham crackers to the bowl

Then the powdered sugar & peanut butter

And mixed away

Once all of the ingredients were mixed up well, I added them to a 9×13 baking pan

Instead of chocolate chips, I chose to use Hershey Kisses because I had about a thousand of them left over from a bridal shower. This is what I concocted to melt the Kisses and the last of the peanut butter

It worked pretty well

I then spread that on top

The final product:

I refrigerated this overnight.

When it was time to serve the bars- I attempted to slice into them… unfortunately that did not go so well….

The bars came out o.k. They weren’t that bad, but weren’t my best creation. They totally fell apart when I served them (I had a feeling they would), and I thought they were too sweet and not peanut-buttery enough. I used the Kitchen-Aid Mixer and I think I should have mixed the bottom layer by hand and left it a little chunkier. If I ever need a peanut butter mousse I would make it like this again!


I did not have enough graham crackers. I had about a cup and a half and the recipe called for 2 cups. I may have also skimped on the peanut butter…

Brooke said that she still loved them : )

A few of the Mexican Train players- Megan, Amy, Mike & Kevin:

Game night ended up being a blast! I was asked why I didn’t make Snickerdoodles (which I made for a previous game night) and when I would be making them again. The Snickerdoodle recipe came from my Martha Stewart cookie cook book. Everything that I have made from that book so far has turned out great. Just proves to me that I should stick with Martha!



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4 responses to “Recipe Fail

  1. Marc

    Even though the bars fell apart, they still tasted good. Not a complete fail.

  2. Brooke Benfield

    After a little tweaking, these bars will be fabulous! I did still enjoy them even though they were a little mushy.

  3. Eileen

    Love the blog, Sheri! I got to eat some of the leftovers and they were quite tasty!

  4. Bruce Zarlengo

    Glad you loved the Road to Hana! After 600 twists/turns your ready to eat!! Im a foodie and seeing the pics of the food made me hungry!
    Ok, one of these days you will have to do a GLUTEN FREE dessert that tastes as good as the gf chocolate dessert we all had on RCCL (remember?) Have fun baking! Bruce………

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