Marc’s Dessert


A few weeks ago Marc’s friend Mike (who loves to refer to my blog as “the cupcake diaries”) asked Marc if he was ever going to take a turn making dessert. The Lewison’s are definitely known for bringing the cookies, brownies and trifles to the party, but it’s mainly Mrs. Lewison (me) who works hard at creating all of those yummies.

So Marc decided it was his time and set out to create something sweet in the kitchen.

I have to give him credit- he came up with a really great idea.

Take your standard Oreo Truffle-

oreo truffle 2

And put a peppermint kiss in the middle!


Not only did he come up with the idea- but he also worked very hard to make his vision become reality.


These were awesome! And very simple. All you need to do is follow this recipe, but start with a Hershey Kiss as your center.

This will most likely be the first and only time you see Marc making desserts in the kitchen! Even though this was a total success- I think that I’ll stick to the baking and he can continue to be my taste tester.



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2 responses to “Marc’s Dessert

  1. Lewi’s desert was delicious. He is the Barry Sanders of the baking world – retired way too young.

  2. I love to see Marc in the kitchen!
    His dessert was amazing! Thanks for sharing!

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