Chocolate Meringues


For a recent girls night, I was asked to make a low-fat dessert. After googling “healthy desserts” and not being very happy with the results, I remembered that I should consult one of my favorite recipe blogs. Skinny Taste not only has healthy recipes- they’re also delicious!

I went straight to Gina’s dessert page and found a cookie that looked like a dream come true- Chocolate Chip Clouds.

I really wish that I had made these sooner. They are soooo good! They are also so easy to make!


I started with these six ingredients: egg whites, cream of tartar, sugar, vanilla cocoa powder and chocolate chips.

And a very simple recipe:


I began whipping the egg whites with my paddle attachment.


When it seemed to be taking too long to whip up- I switched to this whisk attachment.


When that didn’t seem to work- I looked at the recipe again and read the comment section. It seemed that a lot of people did not have any luck using egg whites from a carton. I immediately switched to actual egg whites (3 to be exact) as the reviewers recommended.


Much better this time!


So pretty! I was so happy with this meringue!


After I added in the cocoa powder and chocolate chips, I used my ice cream scoop to dived the batter.


Into the oven for about 30 minutes, and out come these beauties.






They just melt in your mouth and there’s no way you’ll be able to just eat one of these. But in this case, it’s ok!

Original recipe here:

Chocolate Chip Clouds



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  1. Helene

    They look wonderful! I’ll be trying them soon.

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