Happy Birthday Donna!


When my family and I made plans to celebrate Donna’s birthday, I planned on making this:

Turtle Cake Recipe

One of Donna’s favorite desserts is chocolate turtle candies so I figured I would turn that into a cake version.

Unfortunately, the cake did not want to cooperate with me. I baked the three layers on Thursday evening- not only did they turn out sunken in the middle, but they also fell apart when I took them out of their pans. So when I was wide awake at 4am on Friday morning for no reason at all, I realized that I should turn the Turtle Cake into a Turtle Trifle:


I had visions of this beautiful trifle in a beautiful trifle bowl. And this is what it looked like! Not that attractive!

Not only did my cake not cooperate, but the caramel didn’t either! It should have turned a dark brown color and it stayed the color of butter.. ick! At least it tasted like caramel.

Then there was the whipped cream… well that was a disaster as well. I had to run out at the last minute and buy some Reddi-Whip because that didn’t turn out either.

After all the cake/trifle drama, it didn’t look that good, but I think it tasted pretty good.


Even though the trifle was pretty rich, and it didn’t turn out to be what I wanted, I realized that it didn’t matter. We had a lot of fun and I think that Donna had a good time celebrating her birthday with the family and the little kiddies.









Happy Birthday Donna! We love you!!!




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3 responses to “Happy Birthday Donna!

  1. Everyone loves a trifle! It looks great!
    PS Your hair looks so cute curly!

  2. Amy Fitzgerald

    Happy Birthday, Donna!! You were able to turn a potential cake disaster into a delicious trifle (it looks to die for)! Good for you, friend!

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