I like to dip stuff in chocolate

Sometimes a quick and easy dessert is the way to go. It also helps when that dessert is pretty! People like pretty!

When dipping stuff in chocolate- a good product to use is almond bark. From my experience, white chocolate chips do not melt well (remember, Amy?) And overall, the almond bark has really great consistency. It melts easily and hardens quickly.


And the pretty part? Well- sprinkles of course! Believe it or not, we always have sprinkles in the house!

You can either melt your almond bark on the stove top or in the microwave- then- dip away!  



Like I said, almond bark hardens up pretty quickly- but you’ll want to put your finished product in the refrigerator to fully harden.

Next up- white chocolate dipped Oreos! With the Oreos- I like to dip one side first, let it harden, then go for the other side.





Such an easy fun dessert option!

I had planned on using M&M and Butterfinger crumbs to coat the pretzels along with the sprinkles. Unfortunately, the M&M’s really do have a hard candy shell and did not crumble that easily when I pounded them with my meat tenderizer. I threw them in the food processor, and basically ended up with the consistency of sand. Oh well, I’ll have to try using those crumbs for something else!




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4 responses to “I like to dip stuff in chocolate

  1. Amy Fitzgerald

    I do remember! Ugh, it’s the worst! I’ve tried to double boil the white chocolate and end up burning it, no matter how low the heat is. I can’t wait to try almond bark!
    Those treats look fantastic, friend. I might have to give it a shot this weekend!

  2. Cute title! It made me smile when I saw it in my inbox this afternoon. Everything tastes great dipped in chocolate. Have you ever tried tootsie rolls???

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