Pretzel Croissants

This is what happens when I have time to kill and I end up spending it wandering around Trader Joe’s:

I found these amazing treats hiding on the bottom shelf of the bread section.

O-M-G what a find! These are incredible. Imagine if a pretzel roll and a croissant had a baby… this is what you would get.

It’s funny because I just made a list the other night of things I would like to try making. Things that I do not have recipes for and that I have never seen or heard of before. One of the items on my list is “pretzel muffins.” If only I had taken it a step further and thought of this! Oh well… I guess Trader Joe’s will just have to make these for me. And I will have to continue to buy them and devour them!


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  1. I love random trader joe’ finds. Those look soo good!

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