A few months ago I purchased a Groupon for a Chocolate Making class with chocolatier Michael Canady. He has a shop at 824 South Wabash and another at the French Market.

With Valentines Day coming up, I thought it would be a great day to cash my Groupon in!

The class started off with a lesson on where chocolate comes from and how it is made. After the slideshow presentation, we finally got in the kitchen to start chocolatier-ing.

Michael started off by showing us how temper chocolate the old fashioned way, by hand.

Tempering chocolate by hand seems like a long tedious process. A process that definitely gives you an arm work-out. A lot of work for a small amount of chocolate.

He then moved on to show us how they temper chocolate these days- by machine.

This was like a ginormous chocolate fountain : )

Michael only uses the highest quality chocolate for his shop

First step in making the chocolates was making the fillings

I helped make a dark chocolate ganache using dark chocolate, heavy cream, butter and salt.

We also made a raspberry white chocolate filling, milk chocolate, mint and mango.

Next step was filling the moldings with the outer chocolate layer shell. We got to use the “chocolate fountain” for this part. There were specific ways to fill the molding, hold it (so it doesn’t drop in the chocolate) and pound it on the table to settle the chocolate.

After the outer layers had hardened, we scraped off the excess

And started filling

This is caramel that two of the girls made from scratch. Making the batch of caramel took about an hour or so. I will not be doing that at home anytime soon!

Mango filling

This filling was much better than it sounded!

After topping the chocolates with the bottom layer of chocolate, we stuck them in the refridgerater to harden.

And then was the best part! Seeing our finished products and of course tasting them.

These turned out absolutely delicious!

And you can tell that amateurs made the ones on the left because of the air bubbles that had formed. That shouldn’t normally happen in the hands of a professional.

I really enjoyed this class. It was very interesting and I’m now more comfortable with the idea of making ganaches and truffles. I don’t know that I’ll go as far as purchasing moldings or tempering chocolates on my own. But it was a fun experience!

I would recommend taking one of Michael Canady’s classes. They’re a little expensive, but if you can get a Groupon, it’s well worth it. He also makes gelato at his shop and seems very passionate about it. And… how about some good timing… I saw a Groupon today for the gelato class. So take advantage of it if you’re interested!



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5 responses to “Chocolatier-ing

  1. Helene

    What a fabulous class! Sounds like a great experience. This must give you a new appreciation for chocolate candy — not that it wasn’t always appreciated!!!! By the way, I think your new blog name is great! Are you going to make new business cards???

  2. You always do the most fun things!!! Have you taken your cupcake class yet? BTW, I love thew new name! Good luck with all your changes.

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