Welcome to my new and improved blog! You may not see many changes just yet, but you can look forward to seeing them in the near future.

Change #1: my name!

Hopefully you’ve already noticed that I’ve renamed the blog. Basically my old name was way too long and I was ready to purchase my own domain. I will now be known as the Sugar Coated Chef! The reason for this name- well I’ll still be focusing on baking, but I’d also like to feature some of the meals that I cook (mainly dinners). So hopefully this new name implies that you’ll see some of both.

Some of the other names I considered: already taken I decided that it made me sound too much like an adult film star well this was also taken already- but I thought this also may imply that I made “special” brownies

So I settled on Sugar Coated Chef. I hope you like it!

Some of the changes to come:

1. Featuring both baking and cooking adventures

2. Posting more often. Right now I only post whenever I bake something new and exciting. I’d like to commit to posting at least once or twice a week (if not more often).

3. Because I’ll be posting more often, I’ll be doing more than just featuring my baking and cooking adventures. I’ll also be including restaurant reviews, product reviews and cookbook reviews.

I don’t eat out too often, but when I do, it’s typically someplace special (I don’t go to Portillo’s or Pockets as much as I used to!). Some of these meals are so fantastic that I’d love to share them with you! I photographed all of my special meals in Hawaii- and I’m ready to take that on here on the mainland!

Product reviews will consist of any new product that I use for baking or cooking, any products that I recommend for the kitchen (I will feature some of my awesome wedding gifts), and also any new food products that I try out and love. Hello Trader Joes!

I have a number of cookbooks in my kitchen. I mainly use one or two of them (Martha Stewart cookies and cupcakes anyone?), but I’d like to get some use out of the other’s as well. I will post my reviews on them and let you know if I recommend them or not.

I hope you stick with me through these changes and enjoy them! Hopefully I can expand my readership and find my place in the blog world.

Wish me luck!!!!




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2 responses to “Ch-Ch-Changes

  1. Amy

    Love the new name, friend!

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