Ultimate Rice Krispies Treats

It’s official. I can honestly say that I have finally become a dessert snob. I really prefer homemade items to anything from a store or out of a box. Dessert items that only taste average to me- I don’t have time for them. It really became official on Friday afternoon when I wanted something sweet after lunch. A piece of Ghierdelli Dark Chocolate can normally satisfy my craving. But when I saw a Chocolate Covered Rice Krispies treat- I knew I had to have a bite. That bite was… well… meh… I was super disappointed. I thought that it was homemade- but it wasn’t. It came from a factory. I was tricked by the packaging! Not worth it!

Fast forward to Saturday afternoon. I was cleaning out our kitchen cabinets and found left over Rice Krispies and a bag of marshmallows from something else I had made. I took it as a sign. Instead of throwing  them away- I knew I had to create my own treats.

I don’t think I’ve made Rice Krispies Treats since maybe jr. high or high school. It was so much easier than I remembered.

Melt together butter and mini marshmallows

Add the Rice Krispies to the mix

And just for fun- throw in some Frosted Flakes and Life cereal

These are two cereals that we just happened to have on hand. Two cereals that I hadn’t ever tasted until recently (As in I tried Frosted Flakes for the first time last week. My reaction: OMG corn flakes covered in sugar! These are amazing!). Marc thinks that I was sheltered growing up. I think I was just a kid who loved Special K and Kix. What’s wrong with that???

Once the combo is all mixed together, put it in a pan covered in parchment paper and refrigerate.

Now don’t think that just because I added some Frosted Flakes and Life cereal to these treats that it makes them ultimate.

This is where the ultimate part begins.

Start by melting semi-sweet chocolate. I really recommend these “callets” from Trader Joes. Yum yum!

Drizzle it over your treats

Realize that you still have a ton of chocolate left over, just go ahead and pour it on and spread it out

Next, sprinkle the treats with Oreo crumbs. Yes, I found these in the cabinet as well. I like to save things just in case.

Realize that you didn’t snap a photo of the Oreo crumbs. Darn. Refrigerate some more.

These still aren’t ultimate. We have a couple more steps to go.

Melt white chocolate chips

Try to pour the melted white chocolate on top of the treats.

Realize that you’re extremely impatient and you didn’t let the semi-sweet chocolate layer sit in the refrigerator long enough. After spreading the white chocolate and accidentally picking up some of the Oreo crumbs on your spatula, go ahead and just swirl everything together for a beautiful marble effect that you were really going for in the first place.

Look in the cabinets for more items to throw on the treats. Sprinkles alway look nice!

Yes- we keep sprinkles on hand at all times.

Blog about how quick and simple this was.

At the end of the day, I am a tiny bit of a hoarder. This was a great excuse to use up some items in my cabinets.

And even though Rice Krispies Treats aren’t anything new- I think this is a good lesson for everyone. Making desserts does not always have to be a science.

I just wish I had someone to give these to. It’s not really a great idea to have them in my house. All of these sweets and treats are making my pants way too tight on me!

Any volunteers to take them off my hands before I eat all of them?????



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3 responses to “Ultimate Rice Krispies Treats

  1. Marc

    It’s true, you have lived a very sheltered life growing up as a kid!!! Are you going to bring me some next week when you visit me???

  2. Helene

    They look amazing! I can see how dangerous they would be to have so easily
    accessible. I’d love to taste one – but I know it might be hard to stop at just one. In the meantime, I’m going to try your parsnip recipe this week — it’s safer for me!!

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