Spice Up Your Life

Last winter my friend Megan and I bought a Groupon for a cooking class at Kendall College. Even though neither of us enjoyed the book or saw the movie, we chose a class called- Eat Pray Love, A menu inspired by the novel. Creating and eating Italian food sounded like fun so we signed up!

On the menu for the evening was stuffed artichokes, pasta carbonara, margarita pizza and triamisu. We worked in groups of 3 or 4. The class was very hands on which I really enjoyed. We did a lot in 3 short hours so I was glad that we were in a group and were able to take turns prepping and cooking.

I didn’t get to take as many photos as I had hoped to take, but I did photograph the end results. Unfortunately, by the time we were able to eat (at the very end of the class) we were so hungry that we ate most of what we made, and I took photographs after. Here is what we made from scratch:

Margarita Pizza- was much more appetizing than it looks!

The stuffed artichoke, pizza and the pasta, tiramisu on the side


Our group- Martha, me and Megan

I’ve never made pasta before, but it was fun and it tasted wonderful. I would love to do it again at home. We combined flour and salt, then whisked in eggs and olive oil

Flattened out the dough in a pasta maker

The dough then became linguine!

We had a great time and I learned a lot. Can’t wait to recreate the pasta carbonara!


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