Missing Maui

Our last day in Maui started with breakfast at The Gazebo.

We heard that it even though it was going to be a long wait, that the food was worth it.

(This was the line in front of us when we arrived)

We waited for about 45 minutes.

We were hungry!

When we finally sat down, we had a fantastic view from our table

And was the food worth the wait? Yes!

I had savory:

And Marc had sweet:

Yummy omelet and white chocolate chip macadamia nut pancakes.

After relaxing at the beach and the pool for the rest of the day,

we headed to Mala for dinner.

We started with edamame that resembled guacamole.

Cesar salad

I had Ahi Tuna

Marc had fish (I think it was Ono)

And we both enjoyed another beautiful sunset

And finished our evening with more frozen yogurt

Up next…. beautiful Kauai….



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2 responses to “Missing Maui

  1. Aunt Mimi

    I think we waited even longer when we went to the Gazebo, boy was it yummy!!!!!!

  2. Helene

    I didn’t know you went to the Gazebo. We were there so many years ago — glad to know it’s still so good. I’m pleased to see that your sad faces turned into happy faces when your meal was served to you! It looks heavenly!! I’ll be your tummys were smiling throughout the whole trip! Thanks for sharing.

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