Road to Hana

One of my favorite things that we did in Maui was the road to Hana. There wasn’t any good food to talk about, the real treat was all of the beautiful sights.

Waterfall #1

Our ride…

My favorite stop- watching the waves crash up on these lava boulders was amazing.

Waterfall #577

We were told to try the Maui chips…yum!

Waterfall #852

Black sand beach

Seven sacred pools

After a very long bumpy ride back to the middle of the island, we had one of our favorite meals at Mama’s Fish House.

Not my drink. This is Marc’s : )

Delicious tomato ginger soup.

Bread with what I think was a honey butter.

My fish: Ono

Marc’s fish: Mama’s Stuffed Mahimahi

After dinner we sought out our favorite dessert, frozen yogurt of course! Even better- it was self serve.

More to come…



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4 responses to “Road to Hana

  1. Aunt Mimi

    We went to Mama’s Fish House as well……..great pix; what a wonderful way to share your trip. Keep ’em coming!!!!!

  2. Amy Fitzgerald

    I love the posts from our honeymoon! Please, please, please post more! Lovingly,
    Your anti facebook friend

  3. Helene

    Fabulous photos! I’m really enjoying your vacation!!

  4. Ummm.. I’ll go to that restaurant! It looks fab! As do your scenic pictures!!!

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