Luau in Lehaina

We went to a luau in Lehaina while on Maui. At the luau there were some dishes that were delicious and some that were interesting. Poi was one of the interesting ones! We also enjoyed another beautiful sunset.

(I bought this shirt about 7 years ago in Missouri. I’m glad I still had it hanging in my closet!)

We started with blue sweet potato chips. A delicious start to our meal.

We traveled to four different islands during the luau. We tasted the foods and enjoyed the traditional dances.


I’ve never seen one of these before!

The drinks were fantastic . Mai Tai on the left and a Pina Colada on the right with strawberry and banana mixed in.

We had a great time at the luau!





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2 responses to “Luau in Lehaina

  1. Helene

    Each dish looks more fabulous than the next!

  2. That drink looked yummy! It’s like a miami vice plus bananas! I’ll try that! Can you make that for me when I come over for a dinner party! LOL : )

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